Part 1: #MeToo Campaign – How Men and Women Walk Through Life Differently


With the recent #MeToo Campaign and so many women raising their hand, I wanted to share how differently many women walk through their everyday life. While I was never abused or assaulted, I definitely have an instinctual bias toward situational awareness.

I recently read that in a seminar someone asked how many men did something yesterday to protect themselves from assault. None raised their hand. When asked of women, almost all raised their hand. This episode is a description of a “non-event” for me this week, yet it showcases how differently men and woman may approach the same situation, in the same moment, in adjacent parked cars.

I would like to do an anthology of comments around the #MeToo campaign. Did it catch your attention? What were your thoughts on it?  Let me know so I can read your comments in a future episode.  You will be kept confidential and only identified such as, “Man. The United States.”

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