Evacuation Checklist and Lessons Learned



Whether it is fire, flood, hurricane or any other reason you need to evacuate, having a 1- page plan reduces stress and helps you to get out quickly and with a little less stress.

Having lived in a fire-prone area for many years, the following checklist has evolved with four evacuations.  It is one-page and organized by the amount of notice you have to leave.  print several copies, leave one taped to the inside of your front door.  If you live with others, assign tasks to certain people.

This week’s podcast is a journal entry about the last time we had to evacuate.  It describes what we went through, the decisions we made and the lessons learned.

Listen to “SPECIAL EDITION: Evacuations” on Spreaker.

Click here to download the checklist. No email required.

evacuation checklist

If you have a barn and want to be better prepared for when disaster strikes, this booklet is one of the best.  It was written by Stephanie Abramson who is a lifelong equestrian.  If you are not in the danger zone right now and have time to make these preparations for your barn, use this as your guide.  Many thanks to Stephanie and ETI.

ETI 2015 Emergency information Red Book Revision-August-2015

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