Hurricane Harvey: After the News Crews Leave


Hear how Mercy, a Kenyan native and Houston resident grows from her volunteer efforts to help with the cleanup after the news crews have left.

Listen to “Hurricane Harvey; After the News Crews Leave” on Spreaker.

Tech Laughs and Lessons This Week

Thank you for growing with us. We promise to get better.  What we learned this week climbing the tech wall.  You would be amazed at how long it takes to figure out these things!

  • Ask a single question at a time in the interviews
  • When you edit, know the difference between editing one soundtrack or both soundtracks.  Otherwise, your questions and answers will not match in the combined audio file. ha ha ha!
  • Face the SD-card with the label down when inserting into the reader to download the raw files.
  • Get up and move every half hour no matter how engrossed you are in the editing.
  • How to add another episode to this web page.

Keep going.  The rewards are wonderful, even if your walk to your goal in small, baby steps.

If you know of someone that is doing something interesting, contact us. We are always seeking new people to interview.

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