90 Days and 584 Nights

Welcome to Episode 1 of the Inspiration Broker.

I made a 90-day plan to get my podcast live and did it!  You too can achieve your dreams in 90 days.  Afterall it only took me 90 days…. and 584 nights.

Yes 584 nights, over a year and a half to launch. The setbacks came at every turn. There was the contemporary tech, doubting myself, there were my personal days of mourning with my empty nest.  Would it be worth it?  Would I even have anything to say?

Many times I tried to quit, but could not let go.  I  ignored the call, but it beckons me in subtle and not so subtle ways. I  stumbled, stalled, laughed, been distracted and overwhelmed. I’ve been alone and I created an accidental mastermind along the way. Ninety days and 584 nights later, here I am with my first episode.

I am a podcaster.

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