Are you bored and unengaged in your life lumbering through your days?  Do you want to make a change, but just can’t figure out how to add another thing into your day?  If yes, then you have come to the right place.  Sit back and join us as we talk with and about people making changes and getting out of their comfort zone.  You can too!   Live a life that energizes you.

This is an honest, behind the scenes listen to how life is lived around the world.  We share stories, life hacks, stumbles, and victories so that you have permission to be less than perfect and live the life you want. It’s like sitting at my kitchen table and hearing me talk with strangers I have met in my daily routine.

Making it a point to go out of your comfort zone every day is the edge where life is interesting and memories are made. Take that leap of faith, get up, get out and live a life that is rich with experiences.

Be open to connecting with those you encounter.  Develop your communication skills so you can begin conversations with strangers.  If you are open, their stories are rich.

Join us on our podcast.  We bridge the gap between dreaming and accomplishing an energized life.



Maureen Hahn is the Producer and Host of The Inspiration Broker Podcast where she brings you conversations with people from around the world who have made changes in their lives.

She has made many changes herself, not all of them easily or willingly. Her most recent change was becoming an empty nester in 2015. While she is extremely proud of her grown and flown brood, the transition wasn’t easy.

Being an avid podcast listener for several years, she decided to renew herself with an encore life performance and take on all of the challenges of becoming a podcaster.  It took her over two years to launch the show.  Like many, she didn’t like hearing her own voice, but you have to if you want to podcast! Then there was the technology.  Oh, my! Back in her heyday, she was one of the whiz-kids.  Nearing 60 and having been a stay at home mom for almost 15 years, her skills were rusty, to say the least.  Things that come natively to Millennials were big obstacles for her, but she never gave up and has earned some entertaining stories along the way.

Having lived a life filled with curiosity across many subjects, international travel, a love of learning and the gift of gab, producing and hosting a podcast seemed like a perfect culmination of her life.

It is her hope to bring you into a warm and informal environment where you can hear how people move through changes in their lives.  It is her hope that you will be inspired to take the chance to follow your dreams.

Success is never a straight line and always has twists, turns, and setbacks, but that weaves the colorful tapestry of your one life.


The Podcast Episodes

Part 1: #MeToo Campaign – How Men and Women Walk Through Life Differently

  With the recent #MeToo Campaign and so many women raising their hand, I wanted to share how differently many women walk through their everyday life. While I was never abused or assaulted, I definitely have an instinctual bias toward situational awareness. I recently read that in a seminar someone asked how many men did …



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